Your local fix-it shop

No longer taking in new repairs. 

I’ve decided that this side hustle is just a little too much hustle for me right now. Maybe one day the stars will align and I’ll be able to take in lamp and furniture repairs again, but right now there are other things taking priority over this little business. I want to say thank you to everyone who let me bring a special piece back into use. Together, we kept a lot of things out of the Southbury dump!

-Ben Strano


Southbury Repair is a throwback to a time when things were fixed instead of thrown away.

We care about saving your precious memories, saving the environment, and saving you money.


Lamp Repair

If you have a well loved lamp that looks better than it functions, don't throw it out! Lamp repairs are usually quick and more economical than most people think.

Furniture Repair

Do you have a chair that you always give to the smallest person at a party? Stop hoping it doesn't break when someone sits in it, and let it take a place of pride in your house once again!

Oddball Repair

If it's broken, and it means a lot to you, it's probably worth bringing it by and seeing if it can be fixed. Sometimes it's a simple repair, and sometimes it isn't, but we'll always be honest with you.

Conveniently Located

We are located a half of a mile from Southbury Town Hall, right down the road from Senior Pancho’s and Rochambeau Middle School.